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SolarCleaner.com is a full service solar panel cleaning and maintenance company born out of the necessity for maintaining solar panel systems operating at their peak performance. We handle everything from cleaning to removal and re-installation of solar panel systems. We offer a full range of solar panel maintenance services for residential and commercial systems.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or governmental property we have the solar panel maintenance services to help upkeep and upgrade your PV system. We can upgrade your storage systems, clean, and suggest modifications to that will keep your system operating at peak levels. Let us help you keep your solar panels clean and working for you.

about US

Troubleshoot, Clean, Install

SolarCleaner.com was established to service the needs of our solar customers needing an established solar cleaning and maintenance service.

Since then, we’ve installed systems for homes, businesses, schools, government facilities, and utilities across the country. Both residential and and commercial customers use our services for maintaining their solar panel systems.

SolarCleaner.com is your one stop for solar panel cleaning needs.


Commercial & Residential

At SolarCleaner.com we offer a full line of PV and Storage maintenance services. From Solar Panel Cleaning to health system checkups we provide both residential and commercial solar panel customers with our professional knowledge of solar panel systems to keep your investment providing and performing at peak levels.

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We can help you keep your solar panel investment clean and well maintained. Contact us today for a quick quote. Call us or fill out the form and an agent will get your quote ready.

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